Exchange service features:
- Constant monitoring of exchange market to set the most favorable rates;
- Cumulative discounts for regular customers;
- Discounts depending on the amount of exchange;
- Handy exchange calculator;
- Affiliate program with payment up to 30% of our profit;
- Exchange form can be built into your site;
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Two level Partner Program

To the owners of websites we propose a mutually Partner Program to attract customers by participating in which you can earn with us. You will earn as you specifically invited users, and those users who have become Client from your reference link.

If the user came from your reference link and he was registered in our Client Program, it will be assigned to you forever. You will receive 10% of our profit from all exchanges, made by the user as Client.

To attract a new customers, there is a wide range of advertising links banners in various formats. Also, you can embed in your site a complete exchange form of our service to receive the stable profit.

You will be charged 30% of our profit from each usual exchange accomplished by the user under your reference, and also all next usual exchanges of the this user when it will come independently (cookie will be set).

You may withdraw your profit in any currency: Perfect Money USD, Perfect Money EUR, Volet USD, Volet EUR, Payeer USD, USDT TRC20, USDT BEP20, USDT ERC20, USDT Polygon, Paxos USDP, USDC ERC20, TUSD, DAI, BNB, BitCoin BTC, ETH, LiteCoin LTC, Dash DSH, Zcash ZEC, BitCoin Cash BCHN, DogeCoin DOGE, Tron TRX, MATIC and also to convert your profit between currencies. Minimum sum to withdraw:

  • 1 Perfect Money USD;
  • 1 Perfect Money EUR;
  • 1 Volet USD;
  • 1 Volet EUR;
  • 1 Payeer USD;
  • 10 USDT TRC20;
  • 15 USDT BEP20;
  • 15 USDT ERC20;
  • 15 USDT Polygon;
  • 15 Paxos USDP;
  • 15 USDC ERC20;
  • 15 TUSD;
  • 15 DAI;
  • 0.01 BNB;
  • 0.0005 BitCoin BTC;
  • 0.01 ETH;
  • 0.03 LiteCoin LTC;
  • 0.03 Dash DSH;
  • 0.05 Zcash ZEC;
  • 0.01 BitCoin Cash BCHN;
  • 20 DogeCoin DOGE;
  • 150 Tron TRX;
  • 20 MATIC;

Partner Program features:

  • Charge of Partner profit in the case of an general exchange thru affiliate link at a rate of 30% from SuperChange profit;
  • Charge of 2nd level Partner profit in the case of an general exchange thru affiliate link at a rate of 10% (if the profit not less than 0.01) from 1st level Partner profit;
  • "Lifetime" profit at a rate 10% from SuperChange profit made by user as authorized Client;
  • Payment of 1st level Partner profit even for a nonprofit and negative exchanges;
  • Statisctics from last 20 exchanges made by your Partner link;
  • Withdraw Partner profit in any exchanger currency for the transfer;

The use of mass mailing messages to promote its partnership links is forbitten.

It is forbidden to register additional accounts using your affiliate link.

Site administration reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the program.

Discounts for our Clients

Exchange service SuperChange offers a Cumulative discount program to our registered clients for all exchange rates. All registered users are entitled to a progressive discount based on the total amount of funds exchanged through the service in the past and applied to the current service commission. The higher the value of your discount level, the lower our commission and the more favorable exchange rate you get. This allows significant savings in the subsequent exchanges.

Also service uses a Dynamic discount program, which is calculated from the current sum of exchange. For larger amounts you get larger discounts.

Total discount = Cumulative discount + Dynamic discount.

There are 10 levels of discount depending on our commission (profit):

Discount table:
Level The amount of exchange
in SC$ equivalent
Discounts depending
on the exchange direction
and amount of exchange
0 0 SC$ Exchange rates at level #0
1 100 SC$ Exchange rates at level #1
2 500 SC$ Exchange rates at level #2
3 2000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #3
4 5000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #4
5 10000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #5
6 20000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #6
7 40000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #7
8 60000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #8
9 80000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #9
10 100000 SC$ Exchange rates at level #10
SC$ - internal currency

Your discount will be increased when you will reach next level.

Site administration reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the program.

To become our Client take simple registration.

Now we exchange Tether USDT Polygon coin.
Now we exchange Polygon MATIC.
Advcash is now Volet.
Now we exchange Tron TRX.
Now we exchange Tether USDT BEP20 coin in Binance Smart Chain network.